Not just another online course

Get ready for an interactive essay writing game!

  • Deep dive into the context

    The simulator will walk you through a true-to-life writing challenge. To cope with it, you will answer tricky questions - decide on the topic, choose suitable sources, pick valid arguments etc.

  • Instant feedback

    You will get immediate comments on the choices you make. These are the detailed explanations, suggestions and hints on how to write an essay on any topic your own.

  • Practical experience

    In the end, after you pass a writing game step-by-step, you'll get a framework to successfully cope with any writing task, whatever it is - either your homework, or a writing exam.


The challenges you need to pass to become an essay writing guru

  • 1


    • What skills do you expect to acquire when starting this simulator game?

    • Choosing a topic

    • Working with sources

    • Writing an outline

  • 2

    Writing part

    • Writing intro

    • Writing body

    • Writing conclusion

  • 3


    • Citing sources correctly in APA 7

    • Referencing sources correctly in APA 7

What people say


Well broken down, very clear and precise. The idea to make it like a quiz with comments to each answer seems simple, but really works better for understanding and memorizing. Shall also refer to it in the future.

Jacton N

I love it. This interactive game gives specific requirement for writing a college essay and good for students struggling with writing. Presentation could be a little more creative. I highly recommend it.

Yuxi L.

I thought it is an online course, like Udemy - with video lectures and all this stuff. But it was different. It seemed like I'm writing an essay with my personal tutor. The instructions and the format were just amazing!!!

Mr. B

Many thanks to the guy, who developed this!! Really good tips to improve my college writing! And all is free! Do you plan to do simulations for other essay types? Like argumentative essay?

Jerry J

The content is good, makes a lot of things clear. And this step by step support and comments - awesome!! I would rate it 4 out of 5 - one point minus for a bit awkward design haha.

Dr. Taylor

Whoever created this game, I see they've put a lot of efforts and practical experience into this product. Will for sure recommend it to my students, who struggle with academic writing.

Hassan Ali

I hate writing essays, but after COVID outbreak we started to write more and more. Decided to learn the basics not to fail all my courses) This simulation game was cool - now I know the 1,2,3s of how to write a good essay the professor will like.


  • What's the price and how do I pay?

    Only for $4.99 you are getting full access to the writing simulation game that will guide you through the whole process of writing an academic essay. You can make a secure payment with any credit card you have via Stripe.

  • How does it work? Do I have to type an essay to get feedback on my writing?

    You will get specific requirements for writing a college essay. Your task will be to fulfill these requirements by answering multiple-choice questions. The simulator will prompt you with explanations and tips to successfully move forward. In the end you will get an essay, compiled from your answers. So, you won't need to type anything your own.

  • Will I have access to study materials after the trial period is over?

    Sure, your progress in the simulator will be saved, and will have access to your scores and study materials permanently.

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